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Pool Toys, Floats, & Games

Everyone wants to have fun in their pool! Goggles, Masks and Pool Floats are things that everyone needs, in order to do so. We carry these items to make sure everyone can have the experiment, to enjoy their pool even more. Our goggles and masks are for safety and UV protection to reduce the sun's damaging UVA and UVB rays. They are for clear sight underwater, and to have 100% visibility. They are for all ages, and totally are worth wearing to see cool sights and things underwater. I mean, who wouldn't want to see underwater? It's awesome!

Our Pool Floats are for our little beginner swimmers. They keep our children safe and secure. But that doesn't mean you don't need parental supervision. That's always an importance. They are definitely used to help your safety though. Our arm floats, and arm bands are focused on helping safety; and we have so many! Look into each one, to see which you would prefer for your child.

If you want relaxation, Sunplay can do that! We have numerous floating chair lounges to lay out on, and to float on. Along with our floaties, that kids can float on and enjoy. But, also by being safe at the same time!

Everyone needs Toys and Games in their pool too, in order to get your party going! We carry many different things such as balls, basketball games, rings, diving sticks, and hoops, along with many other things, in order for you to have a blast in your pool!

For more advanced swimmers, we have a large variety of diving toys to allow them to practice their swimming skills by diving and catching many different diving sticks, and all sorts of things. We carry Pool Toys and Floats for all ages! Check out the products, and all kinds of toys and floaties to help add safety to your child and definitely for some fun, all at Sunplay.