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Pool Diving Boards and Stands

Swimming Pool Diving Boards add hours of enjoyment with friends or family, competing for the perfect "10" in a pool dive, flip, belly-flop, or cannonball. We carry only the highest quality pool diving boards from S.R. Smith and Inter-fab pool product manufacturers. A pool diving board comes in many different lengths to perfectly fit your swimming pool and outside decor. You can choose from many different diving board styles and colors, so that it looks beautiful with your pool as well as adding excitement and fun. Sunplay also offers diving boards with built-in LED waterfalls to add a little extra design and style to your swimming pool.

We carry two different types of diving boards: Diving Board Stands and actual Diving Boards. Diving Board Stands are just Diving Boards that can't bend or move. They are such solid steal for jumping off of. Actual Diving Boards are boards that make your jump higher and something you can spring off of.

In Sunplay's Diving Board Stand category, we carry SR Smith Cantilever Stand, SR Smith D-Lux Stand, SR Smith Frontier II Stand, SR Smith Salt Pool Jump, SR Smith Supreme Stand and SR Smith U-Frame Stand. In those, we have different types of stands to choose from.

For our Diving Boards, Sunplay has the SR Smith Fibre Dive, SR Smith FreeStyle, SR Smith Frontier II, SR Smith Frontier III, SR Smith HipHop and Inter-Fab T7.

Diving boards and stands when combined create unique performance characteristics. The most common performance characteristic is “Flex” which correlates to the flexing action that takes place between the board and stand. Board and stand combinations generally fall into three “Flex” performance categories: JUMP BOARDS — a flexible board on a base that utilizes a spring mechanism DIVING BOARDS — a flexible board on a rigid base DIVING PLATFORMS — a rigid board on a rigid base.

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