Aqua Comb Pool and Spa Filter Cleaner - Long Forks

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Aqua Comb Pool and Spa Filter Cleaner - Long Forks

The Aqua Comb Pool and Spa Filter Cleaning Tool with Long Forks is designed for filters with larger depth pleats that require a little extra reach to remove bugs, vegetation and other debris that accumulates deep within the filter pleats, but also works great on cartridge filters with pleats that aren't as deep like those found on many spas. The Aqua Comb cleans filters faster and gets them cleaner then traditional methods of cleaning filters. The Aqua Comb has a 3" wide spray and a 9 finger comb that opens up your filters pleats to clean down deep and allows you to comb out impacted debris. With an operating pressure of 35 lbs per square inch to 55 lbs per square inch, pool and spa filters will be easier to clean and provide better results then you have been able to achieve before.

The Aqua Comb's body is made of UV protected ABS plastic and is 1/8" to 3/16" thick. The Comb and barrel valve are UV protected Acetal which is so strong that they can actually bend over without breaking. The handle is a one-piece design and parts are press-fit together which means there are no glues, solvents, screws and/or fasteners used for assembly. The hose seal is made of Silicone and the nut is free-spinning. If you have a stiff hose the Aqua Comb will rotate around but will not leak! The Aqua Comb has a 304 S.S. 30 mesh screen molded into the silicone hose seal that will prevent anything entering the cleaner that would otherwise plug the holes.