AquaFinesse Filter Cleaning Tablets


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Full Description

AquaFinesse Filter Cleaning Tablets

The Aquafinesse filter cleaning tablets are fast acting, environmentally friendly filter cleaner tablets that work to remove oils, lotions, dirt, and other organic buildup from spa cartridge filters. Unlike most filter cleaning solutions that require soaking filters for a day or two, the Aquafinesse formulated ‘Fizz’ tablet cleans your filters in just 60 minutes. You must have clean filters to ensure quality hot tub water.

Product features:

  • Cleans filters in just 1 hour
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Fast-acting cleaning action you can see

Included in product:

10 Individually wrapped filter cleaning tablets

Directions for use:

  • Remove hot tub filter and rinse
  • Fill bucket with warm water
  • Add 2 AquaFinesse filter cleaning tablets to water
  • Submerge filter in bucket for at least 60 minutes. If filter is heavily soiled, leave filter completely submerged for up to 24 hours.
  • After one hour, rinse the filter standing upright with a strong steam of tap water, working from top to bottom
  • Insert filter back into filter compartment after drying completely