Bioguard Skim Mor Skimmer Socks - 5 Pack

Product Number: 21401BIO
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Bioguard Skim Mor Skimmer Socks - 5 Pack

Skim Mor Skimmer Socks easily stretch over the top of you skimmer basket and traps small debris that your skimmer can miss. By trapping the debris in your Skim Mor Skimmer Sock it keeps the debris, oils and lotions from clogging up your pump basket, pump impeller and filter. Skim Mor Skimmer Socks are treated with Mycelx which attracts oils, lotions, cosmetics that standard skimmer socks may miss.

Skim Mor Skimmer Socks Features:
  • Treated with Mycelx; Attracts oils, lotions, and cosmetics.
  • Traps debris that your skimmer misses.
  • Extends the life of the filter.
  • Easy to use - just slip onto skimmer basket.

Bioguard Skim Mor