BioGuard Stow-Away Pool Cover Cleaner


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Product Number: 23650BIO
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Full Description
BioGuard Stow-Away

Stow-Away makes pool opening easier by allowing swimming pool covers to be stored wet. Stow-Away also cleans and deodorizes your swimming pool cover and prevents it from sticking together when folded. It also works great on other pool-side accessories and solar blankets during the off-season.

Stow-Away Features:
  • Cleans and deodorizes pool covers
  • Eliminates odors and prevents covers from sticking together when stored
  • Extends the life of most swimming pool covers
  • Allows covers to be stored wet
  • May be used to clean and store other pool-side items
  • Great for winter covers, safety covers, solar covers, water tubes and other accessories
  • 32 Ounce Bottle

Dosage Amount:

  • While the cover is still on the pool, remove all debris and water from the cover. Remove the cover from the pool and spread on lawn, pool deck or driveway. Spray this product over the enter cover and brush clean. A nylon bristle pool brush and telescopic pol are excellent for this purpose. Rinse and off loosened soils with water. Fold pool cover, squirting this product full strength between each fold. Then, store the folded cover in a safe place. Use a similar procedure for automatic safety covers.

BioGuard 23650BIO