Blue-White Flow Meter F-30250P - 2.5" Pipe


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Product Number: F-30250P
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Full Description
Blue-White Flow Meter F-30250P

The Blue-White Flow Meter measures the water flow through 2 1/2" pipe from 60 to 240 gallons per minute. Made from a solid piece of machined acrylic, corrosion resistant internal float and stainless steel clamps for extra durability in harsh swimming pool conditions. The flow meter is designed to be mounted to plumbing that is installed horizontally. It can be installed to existing pipe without any unions or adapters required for easy installation.

Blue-White Flow Meter F-30250P Features:
Designed for use with 2 1/2" Plumbing - Horizontal Plumbing.
Dual GPM/LPM scale printed on both sides of the meter.
Flow rates from 60 to 240 GPM (225 to 900 LPM).
The meter is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and direct sunlight.
Corrosion resistant 316SS or PTFE internal float materials.
One piece machined acrylic body.
Mounts to existing pipe. No unions or adapters required.
Mounts on horizontal pipe.
Stainless steel mounting clamps and gasket included.
Recommended for Residential and Commercial swimming pool applications.

Blue-White F-30250P