Filbur FC-6110 Filter


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Product Number: FC-6110
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Full Description
Filbur FC-6110 Filter

  • O.D. 7 3/4"
  • Length: 19 1/2"
  • Top: 3 1/2" Open
  • Bottom: 2 5/8" Open

Reemay Media:
  • Area: 105 Square Feet
  • Weight: 4 oz

Also Known As:
  • Unicel C-7685
  • Filbur FC-6110
  • Pleatco PH105-4
  • Excel XLS-7038

Why Choose a Filbur Filter?
  • Filbur pool and spa filter cartridges are manufactured to the highest specifications and standards demanded by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Filbur filters are built with:
  • Reinforced Center Cores (Strength and Durability)
  • Embossed Part Numbers
  • Extruded PVC Center Cores
  • Molded End Caps, No Adapters Needed
  • Reinforced Antimicrobial End Caps

How and When to Clean Your Filbur Filter Cartridge
  • When there's a noticeable decrease in jet pressure, there is dirt or grime on the filter, or also in a pool when the pressure gauge on your filter reaches 8 p.s.i. above the pressure recorded when a new filter is installed.
  • For a pool: Turn the power off to your pump and bleed out the excess air pressure through the air valve on the filter. Remove and lids or band clamps to access your filter and then remove the filter cartridge. Dislodge any loose debris from the filter cartridge by directing a stream of water from a garden hose between each pleat. Important: Do not use a high-pressure carwash wand or a stiff brush to clean the pleats as it may damage the filter media and snap the bands.
  • For a spa: Turn off power to the spa and simply remove the filter cartridge(s) from your spa.
  • Use Pure 'n Clean as directed to spray filter cleaner on the cartridge to remove oils, grease, and other organic waste. If stubborn stains and grime persist, you can soak it overnight in a liquid filter cleaner.
  • Rinse the filter cartridge thoroughly with clean, fresh water and return it to the filter compartment or tank. Secure the filter and lid, then restart your filtration as usual.
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