Paramount I-Jet Self Regulating Return Fittings

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Paramount I-Jet Self Regulating Return Fittings

The I-Jet pool return fitting automatically self-adjusts its opening based on the current flow rate of your circulating system. A standard eyeball fitting cannot maintain the optimal return velocity for your pool at all times.

The pool circulation systems needs to adjust as the flow rate changes. Flow rates fluctuate when the filter becomes clogged, switches between low and high speeds, or with the use of variable speed pumps. The I-Jet can act as a 3/8" return and can expand all the way up to 1" automatically as the flow rate changes. It balances the return velocity to ensure your pool operates efficiently and effectively at any flow rate.

I-Jet Return Fittings Feature:
  • Orifice self adjusts to changing flow rates for the ideal return velocity
  • Ideal for all types of pools and water treatment systems
  • Universal design works with all pump types including single speed, dual speed and variable speed pumps
  • Durable silicone diaphragm that is resistant to damage caused by chemicals
  • Orifice size self-adjusts from 3/8" to 1" depending on your pools individual needs
  • Improves system efficiency and improves water circulation