Pentair AquaLumin III 100 Watt 12V Pool Light 78873500 - 50 Foot Cord


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Product Number: 78873500
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Full Description
Pentair AquaLumin III Pool Light 78873500

The Pentair AquaLumin III nicheless light provides brilliant, double contact halogen quartz lighting for all vinyl liner pools and spas. This revolutionary, patented design uses a mounting hub and bracket instead of a niche. The AquaLumin III eliminates the need for pre-punched light panels, costly make-up panels and extra braces for vinyl pools.

Aqualumin III Features:
50 Foot Cord
100 Watts
12 Volts
Requires only a 3" hole in wall.
No costly make-up panels.
No extra braces.
Wall hugging fit.
Easy to service.
Easy to install.
1 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Pentair 78873500