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Pool Equipment

In our Pool Equipment we have many parts for you to look into. We have our Pool Pumps, Pool Filters, Pool Heaters, Automation Systems, Chemical Feeders, Timers & Clocks, Cover Pumps, Water Features, Pool Water Levelers, In-Floor Cleaning Systems, and Blowers.
They all are very important aspects you need for your pool.
Our Pool Pumps are what pump the water into your filter to make your pool stay sparkling clean. We have many different brands of Pool Pumps!
Our Pool heaters heats up the temperature you want for the water in your pool; it is a need!
We have Automation Systems that alarm and control parts of your pool, which obviously is important. Check into each one to know what you would need.
Sunplays Timers & Clocks, that all are helpful, and different. They help timing different aspects of your pool.
Our Water Features create shimmering, beautiful arcs of water from the deck into the pool or spa. How unique!
There is also our Blowers, that are designed to be installed in noise-sensitive environments and are equipped with a patented thermal protection device that prevents overheating from increasing back pressure or mechanical problems. We have different types of Blowers, such as QT Blowers, Polaris Metal Blowers, Swimming Pool Blowers, and Metal Blowers.
We have a few other things in Pool Equipment to look into, such as our Chemical Feeders, In-Floor Cleaning Systems, Pool Water Levelers and Cover Pumps.
You can go into depth of each of Sunplay's Pool Equipment a lot better, and easier, by clicking into each detail of the one's that you are interested in. There is numerous things to help out your pool; it's awesome!