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Pool Maintenance Equipment

Pool Maintenance Equipment is essential for any pool owner, whether you clean the pool yourself, or hire someone for all of it. Sunplay wants to make sure you are using the best pool maintenance equipment on the market and getting the best deals possible. From Pool Brushes to Pool Nets, and Pool Poles to Pool Vacuums, we have everything you need for Swimming Pool Maintenance Equipment.

Sunplay provides many great Pool Brushes, with the best features for you! Bold Bristles, Corner Brushing, Flexibility & Duribility, Magnetic, No Metal, Pole Protection, and Stronger ones. Each one works in a different way, but is great either way

Our Pool Nets help you not go through the trouble trying to always clean your pool out, when you can do it quick and easy by using a pool net. We carry many different types of Pool Nets too, like The Leaf Rake, The Leaf Skimmer, The Rocket Bag, and The Leaf Rake Sand and Silt Bag.

Our Swimming Pool Poles are connectors for you to have to grab anything out of your pool. They come with Telescopic Pool Poles, Safety Poles and Life Hooks... We carry many different kinds of Pool Poles!

You can also take a look at our fun and affordable Chlorine Dispensers such as the Floating Duck, Turtle, Penguin or Swan. We have many other floating Chlorine Dispensers as well, in simple blue and white colors. You can use either 3" Chlorine Tablets or 1" Chlorine Tablets for your dispenser and they are available in different sizes to make sure you get the right amount of chlorine in your pool each day.

Sunplay carries many, many different types of Equipment for Pool Maintenance, that are important. We have many different categories of Pool Safety, Pool Vacuums, Pool Vacuum Hoses, Pool Leaf Traps, Backwash Hoses, and Parts & Accessories.

While pool cleaning is a must, we would like to help you keep your pool clean and sanitized, so it won't be such a chore to clean every week. And we carry many things to help you out with that. Swimming Pool Maintenance Equipment is definitely a must!