Pool Pumps

A swimming pool pump is one of the most essential components of a functioning backyard pool. The pool pump’s job is to circulate swimming pool water in order to keep the water clean, filtered, and heated. This is done by taking water from the surface of the pool, directing the flow into filters where floating debris is trapped or skimmed. The water is then directed through heaters and back into the pool at a lower level. The water moving at the bottom of the pool helps to channel particles suspended in the water to the surface to eventually be filtered out.

Choosing the right size pump for the pool is very important and depends on a few different variables. The size of the pool (or volume of water to be circulated) is the number one factor to take into consideration. If the pump is too small, it will not move enough water through the filtering system to keep the water clean. Another important consideration is the size of the plumbing that the water flows through. If the pipes are too small to provide proper flow, the pump may overheat and wear out prematurely. Piping that is too big for the pump would result in a slow of water flow through the filters which leads to a decrease in efficiency. It would take more energy and your pool would not be effectively cleaned.

Sunplay offers a great selection of pool pumps with various flow capacities to meet your pools’ needs. Save on your electric bill by choosing the correct pump size for your pool and work to position the pump closer to the water source to lower operation cost. Some pool pumps also come with a high and low speed option, so be mindful of that when you make your selection. Choose from excellent pool product manufacturers like Hayward, Pentair, Speck Pumps, Waterway, and Zodiac.