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Pool Skimmers and Weirs

Pool Skimmers and Weirs are so important for in-ground and above-ground pools; they are also very helpful!
A Pool Skimmer is what pulls in the top of your surface water in your pool, and uses that tension snatch up those disgusting things you don't want in your pool, all into a basket before it reaches the bottom of your pool, or your Pool Pump.
A Weir is a flap that easily pivots and rotates inside of the Skimmer, and collects debris like leaves, bugs and other wastes into a basket while cleaning the water in the filter system and letting it recycle.
So they are both basically the same thing. A Pool Skimmer and Weir will definitely make your job cleaning your pool a lot easier. It will catch the stuff before you even have to deal getting it!
They are built around the surface of your pool, and are there to catch anything before it goes down to the bottom of your pool. They catch all of those dirty things that no one would ever want down there!
In-ground Pool Skimmers are installed inside the walls of your pool, and above-ground Pool Skimmers are placed up outside your pool, on your actual wall.
Both of them are very important to have, depending on what type of pool you have; an In-Ground Pool or Above-Ground Pool. Our Pool Skimmers and Weirs will work the same for whatever type of pool you have.
Sunplay carries brands like Pentair Admiral Skimmers, Pentair Bermuda Skimmers, Sta-Rite U-3 Skimmer, Pool Skimmer Baskets, Pool Skimmer Lids, and Pool Skimmer Weirs. Each one is different; check out and see what Pool Skimmers and Weirs will be perfect for your pool today. If you have any questions or concerns, Sunplay will be more than happy to help you! Just give us a call.