Blu Water Pure Fill Pre-Filter


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Product Number: Pre-Filter
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Full Description
Blu Water Pure Fill Pre-Filter

The Blu Water Pre-Filter removes 99% of contaminants and suspended solids from your fill water. The filter uses food grade activated carbon to remove chemical contaminants, algae, bacteria, mold spores and organic debris for crystal clear water.

Pure Fill Pre-Filter Features:
  • Removes 99% of debris, suspended solids and contaminants
  • Food grade activated carbon removes algae, mold spores, bacteria, chemical contaminants and organic debris
  • Metal removing resin that reduces and removes metals
  • Connects to a standard garden hose with connections on both ends
  • Great for pools, spas, aquariums, decorative ponds, camping, RV'ing and more
  • Reducing contaminants from pool and spa water makes maintaining clear water easier and less expensive
  • Each unit filters 1200 gallons of water

  • Connect to Garden Hose
  • Flush filter for 30 Seconds
  • Fill Spa, then store until next use