Solaxx Eko Klor Solar Powered Ionizer REG10A


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Product Number: REG10A
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Full Description
Solaxx Eko Klor Solar Powered Ionizer REG10A

This water purification system - solar ionizer uses ancient, all natural mineral treatment. It will begin its process of completely purifying your pool within two weeks of floating in the pool, depending on your pool size and volume.

Eko Klor is powered by sunlight and ionization which is an extremely efficient use of energy, especially knowing that it will consistently be producing ions when it is floating in a sunlit pool. Bacteria and algae will not be able to combat against this small, unique and powerful device!

The Eko Klor unit utilizes a small photovoltaic panel to supply electricity to two electrodes. These electrodes then produce a combination of copper and other ions which prevent the growth of microorganisms. This tool will ultimately reduce the levels of chlorination needed to keep a healthy pool. The Eko Klor also reduces calcium hardness levels and water hardness levels by precipitating these metals onto the coil electrode.

Information and Features:
  • High tech solar panel activates the release of harmless mineral ions into the water that prevent algae and reduce chlorine consumption significantly.
  • Creates soft, healthy, safe and crystal clear water quickly and economically.
  • One cleaning brush for mineral anode.
  • Floats on top of the water, no installation required
Solaxx REG10A