Spa Pure Defoamer 16 oz


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Product Number: C003292-CS40P
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Full Description

Spa Pure Defoamer 16 oz

Spa Pure Defoamer eliminates foaming in spas and hot tubs. Foaming spa water may be cause by agitation, detergents in swimsuits, hair and body products, or the addition of foaming chemicals.

Spa Pure Defoamer Features:
  • Compatible with all sanitizers
  • Highly-concentrated formula
  • Fast-acting defoaming
  • Does not clog filters or damage equipment
Spa Pure Defoamer Dosage:
Apply a small amount of defoamer (two capfuls) directly to the water's surface with the pump operating in order to quickly distribute the chemical throughout the water.

Note: When comparing Spa Pure dosage amounts to other chemical brands you will find that Spa Pure Defoamer offers the BEST VALUE for your money.