SpaGuard Brominating Concentrate - Two Pounds


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SpaGuard Brominating Concentrate - Two Pounds

SpaGuard brominating Concentrate is a practical, easy to use sanitizer for spa water. The concentrate quickly dissolves without cloudy or insoluble residue in water to provide effective sanitation. Brominating concentrate may be used as a super oxidation treatment to eliminate organic waste.


  • 82.5% - Sodium dichlor-s-triazinetrione
  • 14.7% - Sodium bromide
  • 2.8% - Other

Suggested dosage:

Regular dose – Add 1 level tsp. of brominating concentrate per 200 gallons of water with the systems running. Test for available bromine and repeat this dose at 15-20 minute intervals until residual of 3-6 ppm is established. It’s recommended to use a test kit with regularity to determine when additional doses are necessary.

Shock dose – A super-oxidation or shock dose is necessary to destroy water-soluble organic wastes. This may be needed on a daily basis in a heavily used hot tub or once a week in a moderately used spa. Add 4 teaspoons of concentrate per 200 gallons of water with circulation system running.

Dose for algae treatment – If visible algae is present, brush the hot tub surfaces and start circulation, without air injection (if possible). Add 4 tsp. concentrate per 200 gallons of water. Allow system to circulate 15-20 minutes. Treatment may be repeated in 24 hours if algae is still present.


SpaGuard Brominating Concentrate