A pool heater heats up the temperature you want for the water in your pool. We carry many different types of Pool Heaters. The three main types of Pool Heaters are Solar Pool Heaters, Gas Pool Heaters, and Swimming Pool Heat Pumps.

Solar Pool Heaters are heaters that collect energy from the heat and the sun, which is transferred into your swimming pool water which then uses that to heat your pool up. Depending on the size of your pool, where you live and the temperature you live in (because the Solar Heater would increase the temperature of your pool by 10-15 degrees), a Solar Pool Heater may or may not be a good choice for you, depending on those types of things. So that's what takes us to our next; Sunplay's Gas Pool Heaters. The Gas Pool Heaters are great for heating up your pool. Especially for those, heating up your pool is a necessary need, and you occasionally have problems always trying to do so. Just as the name says, the Gas Pool Heaters run off Natural Gas or Propane. A Propane Pool Heater takes fuel from a propane tank, while the Natural Gas Pool Heaters need a line for fuel. Costs Monthly will depend on the usage and latest fuel prices for either the Gas Pool Heaters, or Propane Pool Heaters.

Lastly, we have our Swimming Pool Heat Pump. The Swimming Pool Heat Pump absorbs the heat from the air surrounding you, and absorbs it; which then transfers into your pool water, to heat your pool up! They are powered by electricity, but as the air is heated by the sun, the pump is able to absorb that and transfer it into your pool water. Check into each Pool Heater and brand for more details. We carry many different brands of Pool Heaters such as Pentair Master Temp, Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm, Jandy Legacy LRZE & LRZM, Raypak Ditgital, Pentair Ultra Temp, Jandy LXi, Jandy Hi-E2, Jandy EE-Ti Heat Pumps, Jandy JXi, Raypak Didgital ASME Commercial, and Hayward Universal H-Series Pool Heaters.

Which Pool Heater will be more affective for you and the environment you live in? Sunplay will help you find your perfect pool heater today.