U.S. Seal Pump Service Kit PSK-JC1 - Magnum Pumps


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Product Number: PSK-JC1
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Full Description
U.S. Seal Pump Service Kit PSK-JC1

Unlike similar pump kits, the U.S. Seal Pool Pump Service Kits include Viton Seals that are specifically designed to be installed in demanding pool and spa applications such as systems using salt chlorine generators, ozonators or hydrogen peroxide based sanitizers. These seals are an upgrade from standard seal assemblies and offer better resistance to abrasion, heat and chemicals due to the Viton elastomer, sintered carbon graphite rotating face and polished ceramic stationary face.

The PSK-PU Pump Service Kit is designed for Jacuzzi Magnum Pumps and includes:
1- Diffuser Square O-Ring
2- Plug O-rings
1- Strainer O-ring
1- Case O-ring
1- Seal Assembly (PS-3865 - Viton/Graphitic Plastic SS with Polished Ceramic Seat)
1- Alcohol wipe to clean seal faces before final assembly.

U.S. Seal PSK-JC1