303 Aerospace Protectant Wipes


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Full Description
303 Aerospace Protectant Wipes

303 protects any type of product made of vinyl, gel-coat, carbon fiber, gel-coat, rubber, finished leather, plastics and much more from the damage caused by UV rays from the sun. 303 protects from fading, cracking, discoloration, embrittlement and chalking. It will also leave your surfaces looking as good as new and can even help to restore lost color.

303 Protectant Wipes Feature:
  • Convenient cleaning wipes for easy application
  • Prevents damage caused by the harmful effects of UV rays
  • Helps to restore color and shine
  • Includes powerful UV blockers
  • Leaves a matte finish look without oily and greasy residue
  • Helps to prevent fading, discoloration, cracking etc.
  • Comes in a spray bottle for easy use
  • SPF 40 UV protection rating
  • Can be used on all types products including pool covers, hot tub covers, boats, cars, RV's and all types of inflatables and covers.