Above Ground Equipment

Above-ground pools have a lot of benefits: they are by far the least expensive pool construction option if you want to have a pool at home but are wary of the potential cost of construction. They are relatively easy to build and can be erected in a short amount of time. Above-ground pools can also be taken along with you in a potential move. Although above-ground pools can seem fairly uncomplicated, they still have a lot of parts that work together for everything to run smoothly.

In our above-ground equipment category, we carry a selection of pumps, filters, filter systems, and heaters that work specifically with above-ground pools. With brands like Pentair, Hayward, Waterway, Zodiac, Raypack and more, you can expect high levels of performance for your above-ground pool, no matter the parts. Did you know you can use a solar pool heater in conjunction with your above-ground pool? With products like the Poolmaster Solar Heating Panels and the Eco Saver Solar Pool Heater (among others), you can warm your pool by harnessing the power of the sun. Save money and be energy efficient with any of our solar heaters.

Before you choose a filter, be sure you know the volume in gallons of your above ground pool. This will determine how many BTUs your pool heater will require to sufficiently heat all of the water. The same is true of choosing a pump or filter system for your above-ground pool.