Algae Kil 10 Qt


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Algae Kil 10 - Quart

Algae Kil 10 is effective at preventing and killing algae in swimming pools. Use Algae Kil 10 if the presence of algae in outdoor swimming pools is objectionable because of the color, cloudiness, odor and increased chlorine demand of the water. The use of Algae Kil 10 is compatible with the usual water treatment chemicals. By controlling algae growth with Algae Kil 10, the chlorine demand of the pool may be significantly reduced.

Directions for use:
1. In freshly filled pools or pools showing no visible algae growth, add one quart of Algae Kil 10 per 12,500 gallons of water to prevent algae growth. Apply by adding directly to the pool.
2. If algae growth is observed, add one quart of Algae Kil 10 for each 5,000 gallons of water to kill and control these algae species most commonly found in swimming pools; cholera pyrendosa (green algae) and lyroba versicolor (blue-green algae).

Haviland Algae Kil 10