AquaFinesse - Spa Clean Tablet


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Full Description

AquaFinesse - Spa Clean Tablet

The AquaFinesse Spa Clean Tablet is a powerful cleaner that loosens and lifts built-up grime, biofilm, and debris from spa equipment, plumbing, and fittings.

Product features:

  • First step in AquaFinesse Water Care System
  • Deep cleans plumbing and interior
  • Recommended to use every few months or when switching sanitizers

Directions for use:

  1. Remove filters and raise water’s chlorine level to 3 ppm
  2. Add Spa Clean tablet directly into hot tub water with jets and air valves open
  3. Turn your pump on high for 20 minutes
  4. Repeat previous step three 2-3 times during cleaning cycle
  5. After treatment is complete (may take 12-24 hours), empty the spa and refill with fresh water