AutoPilot CoPilot 220v XL Upgrade Kit for Digital Units COB2XXXXUUS


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Product Number: COB2XXXXUUS
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AutoPilot CoPilot 220v XL Upgrade Kit for Digital Units COB2XXXXUUS

This AutoPilot CoPilot XL Upgrade kit is designed to work with your existing Digital Unit. The Upgrade kit includes the CoPilot XL unit and the CoPilot XL manifold with a UV injector. This kit DOES NOT include a Cell.

The Autopilot CoPilot ozonator destroys up to 99.99% of the microorganism in your pool. This ozone process is faster than any other alternative pool sanitation method, while at the same time being friendly to the environment.

While the ozone does the majority of the sanitizing, a residual is still necessary in the pool. For maximum benefit, use the CoPilot in conjunction with the Pool Pilot, thus reducing the need for chlorine by 60-90%. When used with the CoPilot, the Pool Pilot needs only maintain the chlorine residual in the pool, which in turn extends the life of the cell.


  • The most effective, natural way to sustain clean pool water
  • Promotes the health and safety of your swimmers
  • The ozone quickly destroys pathogens, microorganisms and organic contaminants
  • Kills molds, bacteria, viruses, yeasts and mildew - including cryptosporidium and giardia.
  • Features a next generation ozone unit with Advanced Plasma Gap technology
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No chemical byproduct
  • Little maintenance required
  • Energy efficient
  • 60 HZ