Autopilot Replacement Cell w/ Unions - RC52


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Product Number: RC52
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Autopilot Replacement Cell w/ Unions - RC52

For use with a variety of power supplies, this RC52 replacement cell will extend the lifespan of your AutoPilot chlorine generator. All salt cells needs to be replaced periodically. By swapping your worn out cell with this replacement part, you'll be ready to treat up a 52,000 gallon pool. Integrated unions make replacement simple. Be sure to replace the cell cord at the same time to ensure warranty coverage.


  • Contains 13 titanium blades inside of the cell
  • Treats pools up to 52,000 gallons
  • Designed to be installed in the AutoPilot bypass manifold
  • Union connections are pre-installed from the factory.
  • Unit includes the cell with unions; the manifold is not included
  • The Autopilot RC52 Replacement Cell was formerly part number SC-60 (the AutoPilot Pool Pilot SuperCell 60)

Autopilot RC52