AutoPilot SpaPilot Chlorine Generator - Drape Over


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Product Number: SPW
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Full Description

AutoPilot SpaPilot Chlorine Generator

The SpaPilot is a salt chlorine generator designed specifically for portable spas. The easy to read digital display shows basic diagnostics, while LEDs indicate the salt level from too low to too high for easy maintenance. The Digital Control Panel can mount on the side of the spa and the Cell simply drapes of the side of the spa and into the water to produce chlorine.

SpaPilot Features:

  • Spa Salt Chlorine or Bromine Generator
  • Designed for spas up to 1,200 gallons
  • Produces up to 0.048 lbs. of chlorine/bromine per day 0.907 g/h
  • Designed to operate in low salt conditions, as low as 1,000 ppm (1 g/L)
  • Digital display
  • Push button controls and wireless remote
  • Boost button and Boost LED indicator
  • Salt level indicator LEDs indicating range from too low to too high
  • Built in diagnostics and error reporting
  • Universal Power Supply 110/220V

How It Works:

  • Salt is dissolved in the water. Sodium Chloride is used for Chlorine Production. Sodium Bromide is used for Bromine Production. The salt concentration level is normally maintained below the taste threshold. The SpaPilot automatically converts the salt into a sanitizer. The sanitizer reverts back to salt after treating the water. The salt is not consumed. Salt is only lost when spa water is replaced, overflows, splashes out or leaks. A small amount may also be lost on bathers or their apparel.