Bio-Dex Quick'n Thick Tile and Vinyl Liner Cleaner


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Product Number: QT032
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Full Description
Bio-Dex Quick'n Thick Tile and Vinyl Liner Cleaner

Quick'n Thick is the only cleaner you will need to remove stains, grease, suntan lotions, dirt, light calcium build-up and more. The versatile formula can be applied right from the bottle as is or you can dilute it up to 50 parts of water to 1 part Quick 'N Thick for light cleanings. The end result is your tile or vinyl liner looking as good as new!

Quick'n Thick Features:
  • Removes built-up stains, grease, dirt from swimming pool tiles and vinyl liners
  • Non fuming, biodegradable formula
  • You can apply the product directly onto a sponge or brush or dilute product with water for light cleanings
  • Convenient squirt nozzle
  • Can also be used on hot tubs and pool equipment
Directions for use:
  1. Wear rubber gloves before handling
  2. Apply to a brush, sponge or directly to the area to be cleaned
  3. Scrub well until clean
  4. Rinse thoroughly