BioGuard Brominating Tablets - 50 Lbs


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Product Number: 22036BIO
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Full Description
BioGuard Brominating Tablets

Bromine is an effective swimming pool sanitizer and disinfectant with many unique advantages compared to chlorine tablets. Bromine is an excellent sanitizer because it works well over a wide pH range, is a low odor sanitizer and typically requires less maintenance then chlorine tablets or generators.

It is ideal for indoor pools but also works great in outdoor pools as well.

Brominating Tablets Feature:
  • 1" Bromine Tablets
  • Disinfectant and sanitizer for swimming pools
  • Highly effective sanitizer for indoor and outdoor pools
  • Very effective over a wide range of pH
  • Produces much less odor than chlorine for a more enjoyable experience
  • Excellent at preventing algae growth
  • 50 Lb Bucket


  • 1-Bromo-3-chlor-5,5dimethylhydantoin 96%
  • Other ingredients 4%

BioGuard 22036BIO