BioGuard Natural Clarifier


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Product Number: 23742BIO
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Full Description
BioGuard Natural Clarifier

Natural Clarifier uses a natural ingredient, Chitosan, to help keep your pool water sparkling and your filter workign at pea efficiency.

Chitosan is produced from the exoskeletons of crustaceans (such as crabs and shrimp). Chitosan causes fine sediment partices to bind together to make big particles that are subsequently removed by your filter. Natural Clarifier cna significantly improve your filter's efficiency, giving you clear sparkling waer.

Natural Clarifier Features:
  • Clears cloudy pool water
  • All natural formula that doesn't contain dyes or fragrances
  • Can clear cloudy water or can be used weekly to keep water crystal clear
  • Binds small particles together so they can easily be removed by your filter
  • Can't over dose
  • 32 Bottle

Dosage Amount:

  • Add 1 ounce per 5,000 gallons of water each week or just when you need to clear cloudy water.

BioGuard 23742BIO