BioGuard Stabilizer 100 - 1.75 Lbs


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Product Number: 23213BIO
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Full Description
BioGuard Stabilizer 100

Stabilizer 100 is used to prevent free chlorine residual loss in swimming pool water due to sunlight. Protecting your free chlorine from sunlight reduces chlorine consumption and maintenance costs.

Stabilizer 100 Features:
  • Chlorine stabilizer for siwmming pools
  • Prevents chlorine loss due to sunlight
  • Reduces chlorine consumption and maintenance costs
  • Improves efficiency of chlorine generators
  • 1.75 Pound Bottle


  • Cyanuric Acid 100%

Dosage Amount:

  • One pound of Stabilizer 100 per 3,000 gallons of pool water will provide an initial stabilizer level of 40 ppm.

BioGuard 23213BIO