SUP Demo: The Adventurer by Suplove

As much fun as we had with the owners and staff of Suplove, I was really looking forward to getting to check out the boards themselves by taking them for a spin. Lucky for us, Suplove sales manager Steve was excited to get us out on the water to try the boards.

After a short drive from their Huntington Beach storefront, we reached the Suplove Beach Club where people can rent boards to take out on the water. There’s a small stretch of sand there in front of the ocean where we grabbed a few of Suplove’s most popular SUP model: the Adventurer. This board measures 11’2 and is great for all kinds of activities; it’s approachable for beginners and more advanced paddlers alike.

The Suplove Adventurer is the company’s best seller, and for good reason. It’s light (comes in at just under 30 pounds), customizable, and great in the water. I’d previously learned on a board that was a bit wider and longer than the Adventurer board by Suplove and found the latter much easier to navigate in the water. It seemed more responsive to my attempts to turn and speed up in the water (I’m a beginner here, don’t judge).

Steve took me and Sunplay’s marketing director/video production guru Kasey out on the water next to the Suplove Beach Club at Newport Beach. This wasn’t the beach beach per se, but calm inland water lined by yachts and million dollar homes. We did a loop that was a few miles long, weaving under bridges and chatting all the while. Since the Adventurer was a little narrower than the board I had learned on (30 ½”), it did just enough to try my balance. Once in the water though, I felt confident and was really enjoying the superior maneuverability.

I tested the stability even more when I had to sneak forward and turn around the GoPro I had secured to the nose of the board. Now, I’m not averse to taking a little swim but no one else was looking like they were about to fall in the water and I REALLY would have preferred to stay out of the less-than-clear H2O. Luckily, the board was stable enough that I didn’t have any problems! I was able to go from kneeling to standing again and regaining my stance on the board without taking a dip. Ten points for the beginner!

I couldn’t help but notice how durable the SUPs are, too. Steve pointed out that these rental board were a few seasons old and saw heavy use and were in perfect condition other than some wear on the rails. It was evident that you could purchase a Suplove board and have it around to use for a long time.

Thanks to Suplove for the excellent experience and for taking us out for a quick paddle. The Adventurer by Suplove is a beautiful and reliable stand up paddleboard whether you’re just getting into the sport or you’re looking to upgrade to something that looks good and feels good in the water.

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