CaliMar Titanium Edition Salt Chlorine Generator CMARSCT45-7Y - Up to 45,000 Gallons


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Product Number: CMARSCT45-7Y
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CaliMar Titanium Edition Salt Chlorine Generator CMARSCT45-7Y

The CaliMar Titanium Edition series salt chlorination system is the complete solution for replacing an old salt system or converting a pool to saltwater chlorination for the first time. The systems feature an LCD digital readout and keypad that's easy to read and understand, so adjusting its chlorine production when necessary is quick and simple.


  • For pools up to 45,000 gallons
  • Excellent for new pools, existing pools switching to salt or as a replacement for an existing unit
  • Chlorine Output Bars show percentage of capacity currently being used in increments of 10%
  • Polarity indicators show if reverse polarity (a self-cleaning feature) is currently in effect
  • High Salt and Low Salt indicators make management of pool's salt level simple
  • Flow sensor shuts unit off when no water flow is detected
  • 3-port design allows for additional installation options
  • Super CL button increases chlorine production as needed
  • Winter Mode decreases production in colder periods to lengthen cell life
  • Salinity Test button allows for evaluation of salt content at any time
  • Includes plumbing unions and the three-port design is adaptable for use in plumbing returns of 1.5", 2" or 2.5" in diameter. 
  • Dual Voltage - It is wired by default for 208-240 VAC service but can be easily adjusted for 110-120 VAC by rerouting the wires in the back of the power center. 
  • Seven-year prorated warranty for residential use, the longest in the industry, and a one-year standard warranty for commercial applications.
CaliMar CMARSCT45-7Y