CamelBak Antidote Reservoir Cleaning Kit


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Product Number: 90764
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Full Description
CamelBak Antidote Reservoir Cleaning Kit

The cleaning kit is the easy way to clean your reservoir to ensure your water is clean and free of the dirty gunk that can build up and cause nasty tasting water or worse. The brushes can clean all the way through your water tube and and in every corner of your reservoir. The cleaning tablets will take care of any remaining stuff left behind that you might have missed or can't see. The kit comes with a reservoir hanger that connects into the reservoirs quick link port for easy hanging and the dryer arms keep it propped open to ensure it can properly air dry.

Reservoir Cleaning Kit Features:
  • Cleaning kit that is optimized for the Antidote Reservoirs with Quick Link System
  • Puncture resistant brush with flexible spring to clean deep down into your water tube
  • Puncture resistant brush to clean your reservoir
  • Cleaning tabs eliminate unpleasant, nasty tastes and odors
  • Dryer arms to prop open the reservoir to ensure it completely dries
  • Hanger that attaches to the Quick Link port for easy access
Reservoir Cleaning Kit Includes:
  • Quick Link Reservoir Hanger
  • Reservoir Brush
  • Tube Brush
  • 2 Cleaning Tabs
  • 2 Antidote reservoir replacement dryer arms
Note: Optimized for Antidote Reservoirs with the Quick Link System but can be used on any standard Antidote Reservoirs as well.

CamelBak 90764