CamelBak Reservoir Cleaning Tabs


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Product Number: 60061
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Full Description
CamelBak Reservoir Cleaning Tabs

These fast-acting tablets remove the unwanted stuff that can cause your water to develop a bad taste or odor. They are simple to use and clean your reservoir and tube in just 5 minutes!

Cleaning Tabs Feature:
  • Cleans your reservoir and tube for clean, fresh tasting and odor free water
  • Simple to use
  • Only takes 5 minutes
  • (8) Cleaning Tabs per pack
Directions for use:
  1. Scrub reservoir interior with brush, soap and water.
  2. Rinse, then refill reservoir with 32 oz (1 L) of water.
  3. Add 1 Cleaning Tab and shake until dissolved.
  4. Let stand for 5 minutes. Empty, rinse and go!
  • Containts - Sodium Chlorite, Sodium hydrogen sulphate, Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate.
  • Active Ingredient - chlorine dioxide release agent, provided by BASF
CamelBak 60061