CMP Water Leveler - White


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Product Number: 25504-100-000
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Full Description
CMP Water Leveler

The CMP Water Leveler automatically refills your pool or spa to its proper level when the water drops. Low water levels can cause damage to your pool equipment resulting in expensive repairs. The CMP Water Leveler protects your investment by using a simple float mechanism to monitor and control your water level. When water drops below a preset level, the water leveler meters in additional water until the proper level is restored. There is also a built-in overflow line that will allow the right amount of water to easily drain out of the pool to provide precise water levels. In addition to pools and spas, the water leveler also works great in ponds, fountains, holding tanks and other bodies of water that you want to easily manage the water level in.

The CMP Water Leveler is designed to be installed during new construction or remodels that can accommodate the addition of a built in water leveler system. The inlet water line is designed for either 1/2" or 3/4" plumbing and the bottom port equalizer line is a 1" socket. 1-1/2" and 1" plumbing adapters are also included to provide for a wider range of plumbing options if needed. The overflow line is designed for 1/2" plumbing but can simply be plugged if you do not intend on using this feature.

CMP Water Leveler Features:
  • Monitors and controls your water level
  • Prevents damage to equipment caused by low water levels
  • Compact design requires less space
  • Easy to install

  • White Lid and Collar
  • 8.6" Wide Body X 12-3/8" Height (10" Lid and Upper Collar Width)

CMP 25504-100-000