Confer Plastics 3-Step IG Confer Curve Stairs Add On - CCX-IG-2


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Product Number: CCX-IG-2
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Full Description
Confer Plastics 3-Step IG Confer Curve Stairs Add On - CCX-IG-2

This elegantly designed 3-Step staircase is for above ground pools and provides appealing aspects to onlookers. The beige staircase with gray treads owns a unique design with curved stairs that can be assembled to curve in or out depending on the swimmers preference. This additional piece to the base 3-tread staircase brings a wider stair-set as well as a full curve. This piece is shaped as a quarter of a wedding cake and can snap-fit right on the end of the base staircase. The handrails are perfectly sloped to include style and comfort ability. The base pads on this stair-set are adjustable to fit any pool floor - even if the floor is slightly dished in. This durable staircase can withstand up to 400 pounds at one time and is simple to install and assemble with no hardware required.

3-Step AG Confer Curve Stair Add-on Features:
  • Extension 3-Step Stair-set
  • Complete Curve with Wedding Cake Shaped Design
  • Snap-Fits right on the end of the base stair-set
  • 3-Step Staircase for Above Ground Pools
  • Graceful Curves with Beige Staircase and Gray Treads
  • Can be assembled to curve treads inwards or outwards
  • Sloped handrails for comfort and style
  • Adjustable base pads to fit any pool floor, even dished pools
  • Elegant, yet sturdy and durable
  • Holds 400 Pounds at one time
  • Easy to assemble and install with no hardware
  • Simple Access ability for those who aren't as mobile
  • No Climbing pool ladders which can result in accidents
  • Can link to base 3-Step Staircase (CCX-IG)
3-Step AG Confer Curve Stair Add-on Specifications:
  • Tread Width: 27"
  • Tread Depth: 10"
  • Riser Height: 11"
  • Unit Depth: 32"
  • Handrail Height (From Top Step): 30"
  • Height to Top Tread: 47"
  • Overall Outside Width: 38"
  • Complete Curve System Width: 58"
Confer Plastics CCX-IG-2