CoverLogix 1000V Solid Safety Cover


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Product Number: CoverLogix1000V
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Full Description
CoverLogix 1000V Solid Safety Cover

The CoverLogix Solid Polyester Vinyl Safety Cover provides a solid barrier to sunlight, dirt, debris and water for the ultimate in protection. Using advanced technology, CoverLogix has created a safety cover with the integrity and strength you can depend on. The heavy duty construction is comprised of 5' X 5' web spacing, double tension springs with lay flat covers, industrial grade brass deck anchors, heavy duty straps that use a dual strapping system and stainless steel posi-lock strap buckles.

CoverLogix's use of high quality materials, heavy duty construction and custom construction methods create a cover that is second to none. The 1000V Solid pool cover is an attractive and functional addition to any outdoor environment. It not only keeps the pool clean and clear during the winter months and vacations, it creates a protective barrier that will provide peace of mind through the months your pool is not being used. And it's comforting to know when you open the pool that there will be inviting, clean water waiting for you with minimum maintenance to get your summer started.

CoverLogix helps protect the good times by shielding your pool with state-of-the-art design and industry-leading construction. Every CoverLogix pool cover is designed to put your family’s safety first.

CoverLogix 1000V Safety Cover Features:
- Heavy-duty construction provides protection from the elements and prevents algae growth.
- Creates a solid barrier to sunlight, dirt, debris and water for faster spring pool openings.
- Standard 5' X 5' Web Spacing for added strength.
- Industrial grade brass deck anchors.
- Double tension springs with lay flat covers.
- Heavy duty straps with stainless steel posi-lock strap buckles.
- Includes all the necessary hardware for proper installation and a cover storage bag.

Why choose a CoverLogix Safety Cover?
- CoverLogix has integrated superior quality thread, densely woven materials, strap composition and commercial–grade hardware to deliver 4000 pounds of break-strength protection. The safety covers are engineered to resist damage from extreme sun, snow, rain and wind conditions
- After initial dealer installation, you can easily remove your cover and store it in the handy CoverLogix storage bag – and reinstall it in the Fall.
- Using a CoverLogix safety cover and proper winterization methods will significantly reduce pool opening costs for cleaning, chemicals and maintenance.
- It’s time to replace those unsightly tarp and water tube type covers with an aesthetically pleasing design with the CoverLogix 1000V Solid Safety cover.
- They are the ultimate child-proof / pet-proof barrier.
- CoverLogix Covers are made in the USA

Warranty: 10 year manufacturers warranty / 2 year assurance (see full warranty for details)

- CoverLogix 1000V Safety Covers are ASTM approved.
- CoverLogix materials and hardware locking systems are rigorously tested to meet or exceed ASTM safety standards.
- Solid vinyl covers must be equipped with an automatic pump or have built in mesh drainage panels to remove standing water to comply with ASTM safety standards.
- Your particular pool design may have special features that do not meet ASTM standards.
- For safety covers larger than 21' X 41' feet please allow up to two weeks for shipment as these items are special order / custom made covers.
- You must have at least 3 feet of concrete decking around your swimming pool for installation.
- This cover is for use ONLY on rectangle swimming pools with square corners or no more than a 2' radius corner.
- Cannot be used on pools with ladders, diving boards, slides, etc., that have posts or other obstruction within 18" away from the perimeter of the pool that cannot be removed.

How do you choose which size of Safety Cover to order? You should order based on the size of your swimming pool. For example; if you have a 18' X 36' swimming pool then you would want to order a 18' X 36' safety cover. The actual cover size will be a little larger to hang over your pool deck and for proper installation. Always order based on pool size.