Dirt Devil Rogue In-Ground Pool Cleaner


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Product Number: 35-RGE-BX
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Dirt Devil Rogue In-Ground Pool Cleaner

The Dirt Devil Rogue is designed for in-ground swimming pools and features quiet operation, proven cleaning performance and can handle virtually all in-ground pool environments including free form pools.

Dirt Devil Rogue Features:
  • Precision engineered unifram provides quiet, proven cleaning performance.
  • Unique Wave Disc overcomes in-pool obstacles to avoid getting stuck to provide continuous cleaning.
  • Integrated flotation chamber and uni-body design create a perfectly balanced cleaner able to climb walls, transition from various depths and handle virtually all free form environments at an economical cost.
  • Flexible Deflector Wheel assists the Dirt Devil Rogue to easily escape tight corners and obstacles in the pool.
  • 40 Feet of Vacuum Hoses (hoses come in 3 foot sections)
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

Dirt Devil Rogue