Ear and Nose Plugs

Ear and Nose Plugs

Being submerged in water can have some unwelcome side effects. Aside from the chlorine smell that seems to cling to skin and hair that can become damaged amidst the chemicals, water can make its way into ear and nose canals, leading to discomfort and apprehension that manifests itself when the swimmer thinks about getting in the water again. Don’t let the potential of some invasive water get in the way of getting in your workout.

Nose clips work by gently squeezing the nostrils together so that they stay closed and become impervious to water. When swimming freestyle, nose clips help the swimmer concentrate on breathing from the mouth during head rotation. It’s also useful for the backstroke because it prevents water from entering the nose as water is propelled backwards, often into the swimmer’s face. Butterfly can also be a messy and complicated stroke when first tackled. If you don’t want to always use a nose clip, try it as a training tool. Using the nose plugs can help you focus on head and arm position instead of worrying about keeping water out of your nose simultaneously.

Sunplay has a wide array of nose clips (and accompanying carrying cases) from Aqua Sphere, Head, Speedo, Nike, TYR, and Zoggs. They are an easy affordable option. Try all different kinds and colors—find what works best for you!

Earplugs employ the same basic concept as nose plugs. There is nothing more irritating than water getting where it shouldn’t. We’ve all left the pool at one time or another and have felt water in our ear canal. “Swimmer’s ear” as it is known colloquially is not only uncomfortable and obnoxious, but potentially dangerous. A little accumulation of pool water can result in irritation, inflammation, and even infection.

Protect your ears in the water by limiting its access to your ear canal. Many competitive swimmers swear by the use of ear plugs and swim caps to keep water out. Just be sure your ears are completely dry before putting in plugs and remember to dry them completely upon removal with a soft cloth or clean towel.

Many of our ear plug options are moldable and made from soft silicone. Both our nose and ear plugs are engineered to fit comfortably and not create unnecessary drag in the water.