EasyCare PoolTec Fall-Winter


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EasyCare PoolTec Fall-Winter

Pooltec Fall-Winter Water Treatment is a 1-Step Winterizing Treatment that protects uncovered, mesh and covered pools. Pooltecs unique synergy keeps water algae-free and crystal clear.

Pooltec Fall-Winter uses safe polymers that uniquely synergize with all types of sanitizers to provide superior water quality, greater clarity, and improve water sanitation. Unique cationic polymeric compounds function as a broad spectrum, non-oxiding algaecide-microbicide that kill and control the growth of microorganisms by disturbing their normal metabolic process of the living cell. This process achieves a super-sanitized condition with average oxidizer levels.


  • Winterizing 1-Step Treatment
  • Keeps winter pool water clean, clean, and algae free
  • Little or no chlorine required
  • Long lasting protection from fall to spring
  • Eliminates chlorine and pH testing
  • Saves energy - reduces winter pump operating time by at least 50%
  • Salt cell pools - extends cell life cycle by (system turned off or standby mode)
  • Protects all pool types - covered, mesh, and even uncovered pools
  • Eliminates spring cleanup hassles and expense
  • Ensures protection throughout winter season
  • No chlorine routine all winter long
  • Saves time and eliminates cleanup worries
  • 64 Ounce Bottle
EasyCare 36664