EcoOne Spa Monthly – 8 oz.


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Product Number: eco-8020
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Full Description
EcoOne Spa Monthly - 8 oz.

EcoOne Spa Monthly works to reduce or eliminate skin and eye irritation altogether by stabilizing pH and alkalinity. Spa Monthly is great for people sensitive to skin and eye irritants in spa water and for those looking for an easier way to stabilize pH and alkalinity.

Spa Monthly is a proprietary blend of organic compounds that gravitate towards contaminants (body oils, dirt, grime, minerals, ets.) in the water. This natural action keeps spa water clear for a full month.

Just pour Spa Monthly directly into your spa water that's it!

Product features:

  • One bottle of Spa Monthly keeps 500 gallons of water clear for 30 days
  • Works with most sanitizers, like mineral cartridges, dichlor, and bromine
  • The coconut extract in the formula breaks down in the water and coats the filter cartridge to improve spa filtration to make its cleaning much simpler
  • The coconut extract also softens the skin and conditions the water for a more pleasant experience
  • Biodegradable, all natural formula
  • Doesn’t cause foaming
  • Reduces/eliminates skin and eye irritation
  • Stabilizes pH and alkalinity
  • No chlorine or phosphate in the product
  • No perfumes, fragrances, or dyes
  • Never tested on animals
  • Made in the USA