EcoOne Pipe Cleanser - 8 Oz.


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Product Number: eco-8034
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Full Description

EcoOne Pipe Cleanser - 8 Oz.

EcoOne Pipe Cleanser uses a proprietary blend of both alkaline cleansing agents combined with non-foaming cleaners to flush out and clean your spa’s plumbing. A clean hot tub is a much more healthy and enjoyable place. EcoOne Pipe Cleanser cleans the jets and plumbing simultaneously while ensuring that dirt and grime you can’t see with the naked eye are cleansed from the system. EcoOne Pipe Cleanser works deep inside the plumbing and jets to remove contaminants that can clog them and keep them from functioning properly.


  • Pour half a bottle into your spa water before you drain and refill your hot tub
  • Run the jets and blowers on high for one hour to allow the Pipe Cleanser to circulate through the system
  • Drain spa and refill with clean water
  • Repeat the process every 8-12 weeks or as needed

Product features:

  • Utilizes the power of oxygen cleansers that doesn’t leave any residue behind
  • Biodegradable formula made with natural ingredients
  • Does not lead to foaming
  • Keeps spa jets and plumbing functioning at an optimal level
  • Not animal tested
  • Made in the USA