EcoOne Spa Monthly Refill Kit – Six 8 Oz. Bottles


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Product Number: eco-8037
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Full Description
EcoOne Spa Monthly Refill Kit - Six 8 Oz. Bottles

EcoOne Spa Monthly is a product that stabilizes pH and alkalinity in order to eliminate skin and eye irritation caused by poor water chemistry. Spa monthly is perfect for those who are sensitive to spa water and experience frequent eye or skin irritation. It's a great solution for stabilizing pH and alkalinity with none of the fuss.

Spa Monthly is a proprietary blend by EcoOne that is made of organic compounds that are naturally attracted to common spa contaminants like body oils, dirt, lotion, minerals, etc. This natural flocking action keeps spa water clear for a full month.


  • Pour Spa Monthly directly into your hot tub water and enjoy sparkling, clear spa water with no foaming or unpleasant odors or residue.
  • One bottle of Spa Monthly keeps 500 gallons of water clear for 30 days.
  • Works with most sanitizers like mineral cartridges, dichlor, and bromine.
  • One of the ingredients is coconut extract. As it breaks down, it is released and works by gradually coating the filter cartridge to improve spa filtration. This makes cleaning the spa filter much simpler and faster than usual. In addition, coconut has the added benefit of softening the skin and conditioning the water for a more pleasant bathing experience.

EcoOne Spa Monthly features:

  • Kit includes 6 bottles of Spa Monthly
  • Biodegradable, all-natural formula
  • Non-foaming
  • Reduces or eliminates skin and eye irritation
  • Stabilizes both pH and alkalinity levels
  • No chlorine or phosphate
  • No perfumes, fragrances, or dyes
  • Ideal for people with sensitive skin
  • Works with most sanitizers (mineral cartridges, dichlor, bromine)
  • One bottle keeps 500 gallons of spa water clear for 1 month
  • Never tested on animals
  • Made in the USA