EcoOne 3- Month Kit


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Full Description

EcoOne 3- Month Kit

The EcoOne basic kit is a low-chemical, advanced spa water care system that streamlines water care and makes spa water maintenance much simpler. It also eliminates odor, foaming, itching, rashes, red-eyes, and other common water chemistry problems. Your spa water will feel smoother and your skin will be softer while your water stays cleaner with little effort.

The EcoOne Basic 3-Month Kit includes:

  • 3 bottles of Spa Monthly (Up to 15 filter cleanings)
  • 1 Filter Cleanser (1 bottle, monthly)
  • 1 bottle of ONEShock hot tub shock (68 pre-measured shock packets)
  • Free bottle of AquaChek Test Strips (10 strips)

Product features:

  • Highly concentrated product that requires less chemical usage for an easier hot tub maintenance and bathing experience

Recommended dosage:

Daily – Sanitize your spa with ONEShock Daily or per need. ONEShock is a sanitizer/shock combo that comes in a single dose dissolving packet that is convenient and easy to use. Just toss in one packet after bathing (or more, if needed) to keep your spa clean, clear, and sanitary without the risk of overdosing or exposing the water to powdered chlorine. Note: Larger or more heavily-used spas may require additional ONEShock bottles or sanitizer for a full 3 months of use.

Weekly – Clean your cartridge filter by EcoOne Filter Cleanser. One bottle is included in the basic kit and works by cleaning and penetrating deep inside the fibers of the filter media without the use of harsh chemicals or bleach. EcoOne’s propriety wetting agents and alkaline cleansers thoroughly clean filter cartridges without leaving residue behind that may lead to foaming or altered spa water chemistry. Filter Cleanser is a very concentrated formula that is fast-acting, affective, and economical with 15 uses in every bottle. Regular use keeps your filter and spa clean and sparkling.

Monthly – Add one bottle of EcoOne Spa Monthly to your water. Three bottles are included in your kit and Spa Monthly is a safe, nontoxic part of the EcoOne care system that helps fix most water management problems while reducing necessary spa maintenance. Added on a monthly basis, it reduces or eliminates scum lines, foaming, itching and rashes almost completely. It also helps to alleviate dry skin issues caused by spa water problems. EcoOne Spa monthly helps control pH fluctuation and can reduce the demand on your regular water sanitizer by regularly ridding the water of contaminants.

EcOone 3-Month Kit