Finis Freestyler Hand Paddles


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Finis Freestyler Hand Paddles

The paddles are designed to help improve reach and distance-per-stroke by planing through the water. They help promote a strong pull, increased efficiency and better hip-rotation with its long fin shape and unique design. The narrow design helps to prevent shoulder strain and the adjustable straps provide a perfect fit.

Freestyler Hand Paddles Feature:
  • The unique design streamlines and straitens your hand entry and decreases resistance.
  • Planes the hand forward to help improve reach, lengthen each stroke and improve your distance-per-stroke.
  • Instant stroke feedback will rotate the paddle and straighten itself if your hand enters the water incorrectly.
  • Creates a more balanced body position and prevents drag by streamlining hand entry and eliminating cross-over.
  • Narrow design helps to reduce shoulder stress.