Finis Hydro Hip


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Product Number: 1.05.007
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Full Description
Finis Hydro Hip

Properly identify the timing of the hips, arms and body and build core strength by working the muscles that aid in rotation. This training tool uses hip blades to create resistance during rotation which will help to build the core muscles needed for a more powerful stroke. It also helps to improve stroke timing by forcing you to rotate your hips at the top of each stroke. You will want to use it for drill focus and for short distances because the effects of the Hydro Hip can be felt most after you remove it and the lessons of the timing remain.

To achieve maximum enlistment of core strength, the timing of the rotation is crucial to give you more power and distance per stroke.

Hydro Hip Features:
  • The hip blades will help to create resistance during your rotation to build your core muscles for a more powerful stroke.
  • Teaches proper stroke timing by forcing you to correctly rotate your hip at the top of each stroke.
  • Forces an earlier and more effective hip rotation with instant stroke feedback; If the swimmers arm hits the hip blades the stroke timing is incorrect.
  • To improve arm stroke and prevent dropped elbows you can move the belt to your chest
  • The powerful hip rotation helps to develop the muscle memory to rotate completely and quickly.
  • Improves your hip rotation during freestyle and backstroke training and it can also be used for breaststroke.
  • Ideal for short distances and drill focus.
  • Adjustable nylon belt for perfect fit on almost all sizes.

Finis 1.05.007