Finis Posture Trainer


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Product Number: 1.05.045
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Finis Posture Trainer

The Finis Posture Trainer develops proper head and spine alignment, which is essential to a great swim stroke. When fastened properly to the back center of the head, the Posture Trainer isn't noticeable unless the swimmer's posture falls out of the proper range. The Posture Trainer works by keeping the head in proper position which will remedy spinal alignment, which elevate the hips, in turn reducing drag and boosting kick propulsion. As a non-invasive training aid, the Posture Trainer offers a degree of versatility that enables a swimmer to practice all four swim strokes.

The Finish Posture Trainer features include:
  • One size fits all
  • Can be worn with or without goggles
  • Proper alignment
  • Fits the head with minimal drag
  • Improves stroke efficiency
  • Promotes proper breathing technique
  • Useful for all four swim strokes
Finis 1.05.045