Finis ROM Strap


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Product Number: 2.05.003
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Full Description
Finis ROM Strap

The ROM strap has been designed to let you aggressively, effectively and safely increase flexibility and joint range of motion of the upper body (arms, shoulders, shoulder blades, base of neck, torso and rib cage).

This simple accessory increases a swimmer's range of motion through stretching. It can be utilized for numerous stretching positions targeting various muscle groups including the arms, shoulders, shoulder blades, upper torso and ribs. Increasing range of motion not only loosens tight muscles, but provides a better streamlining and body roll, along with increased power. The ROM Strap passively restrains the hand which allows for safe pulling and stretching without contracting the hand, forearm or upper arm muscles.

ROM Strap Features:
  • Stretch sheet muscles around the shoulder blade, neck, back and rib cage.
  • Stretching facilitates easier streamlining, better body roll and increased power.
  • Improved flexibility lessens internal muscle resistance makes all upper body swim movements easier.
  • Do stretching exercises safely without risk of damage to shoulder.
  • Hand-wrist strap makes it much easier to relax the muscles you want to stretch.
  • Gain access to a more streamlined, more powerful swimming movements by increasing shoulder blade range of motion.
  • Use before workouts to swim more effectively and avoid injury.
  • Use after workouts to decrease soreness and work out "knots" in muscles at the base of the neck, upper back and shoulders.