Harvard SKG 16" Skimmer Guard with Blowout


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Product Number: SKG16H
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Full Description

Harvard SKG 16" Skimmer Guard with Blowout

This system helps to prevent cracking of your in-ground or above-ground skimmer during the winter months when your pool water will freeze. The blowout version allows skimmer lines to be blown out without dropping water level or trying to plug the skimmer while the blower is operating.


  • Installs in pool skimmers to prevent freezing and breakage
  • Plugs skimmer inlets to prevent water from entering pipes
  • Includes blowout hole and o-rings
  • Ends are threaded for 1 1/2" and 2" skimmer installations
  • Fits almost all brands of skimmers
  • Works with in both in-ground and above-ground skimmers
  • 16" Length